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Jun 20, 2016

411 iTem 0230 - Ben Greenfield from the Ben Greenfield Fitness and the Get-Fit Guy Podcasts

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Links Mentioned in the Interview:

Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

Ben Greenfield Fitness App - iOS

Endurance Planet Podcast

GetFit Guy Podcast

The Pod 11 - The most influential Entities in Podcasting

Jun 16, 2016


This list is in response to this other list - The Pod 22 the Most influential people in NY City Pro Podcasting 


Rather than look at individuals - I wanted to look at the teams and entities that are really the most influential in ALL of podcasting - not the very small niche that is NY City Pro Podcasting.



Will Increasing your Bit Rate equal More Listeners?

Jun 12, 2016

There was a suggestion recently on one of the Google+ Podcast communities that we should be going to higher bit rates for our Audio files to compete with the big guys. The basic idea was Indie podcasters needed to up their game by upping their Bit rate.  I took issue with that stance, good quality in podcasts is...

Listens Do Not Equal Listeners or Why Twitter Bombing is BS

Jan 2, 2015

This is an article I wrote for the September 2014 issue of Podertainment Magazine

There is a trend I am starting to see with some podcasters - they are starting to heavily spam Twitter.  What they are doing is sending out massive amounts of tweets, often using multiple twitter accounts.  These tweets will be...

The first and last word on the CBR vs VBR question.

May 14, 2014

CBR - Constant BitRate

VBR - Variable BitRate




I like to say there are two ways to explain VBR vs CBR.  There is the non-tech way to explain it and that is simply:


VBR = Bad,  CBR = Good


And really that is all you need to know - some really smart people figured that out back in 2004 when podcasting...