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Jul 27, 2005

411 iTem 68 - Derek and Swoopy from Skepticality Podcast

Welcome to the show it is July 27th and this is our 68th show. Today will be an interview with Derek and Swoopy from the Skepticality Podcast. You can find this podcast at


Show Notes / Links:


Podcast Awards

The Point
Whole Wheat Radio

Guests Equipment Set-up
Operating System:  OS-X
Mics:  Electrovoice RE-20 and KEL HM1
Mixer:  Mackie 1220 Firewire
DBX Compressor
DBX DDP Processor

Software:  Soundtrack Pro
Final Plug - RMS Filter
DSP Quatro
MOTU's 4.5

Ending Promo - NerdBlurb