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Dec 31, 2006

Welcome to the show it is December 31st 2006 and this is our 181st show. Today will be an interview with Michael Geoghegan CEO and Doug Kaye CTO from Gigavox at

almost ten years ago

I haven't yet installed the iPod uedptar yet (I have a 60G iPod Photo).I found that I could listen to my subscribed podcasts on my iPod by drilling into the Podcast genre from the Music menu. But what I ~really~ wanted was to have an option to listen to all podcasts which I haven't yet played.So, I created a smart playlist in iTunes, which filtered on Genre contains Podcast _and_ Play count is 0 . Nothing shows up in this playlist in iTunes; but in the iPod, I now have the option to play all podcasts for which I haven't yet listened through to the end. Perfect.Since pretty much all of my iPod usage is via smart playlists, adding this playlist dovetailed nicely. YMMV for different usage patterns.