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Aug 11, 2010

Welcome to the show it is August 9th 2010 and this is our 221st show.  Today will be an interview with George Hrab from the Geologic Podcast which was recorded live at Dragoncon 2007 and also a special bonus interview with RIM about the new Blackberry Podcasting service.  

Link to submit podcast to Blackberry Service

Link to Geologic Website

Link to Geologic Podcast's iTunes page

Link to download this episode directly

Link to Tech Specs for Podcasts from RIM

Dave F
over thirteen years ago

Welcome back Rob! I was shocked when my iTunes showed it was downloading a new episode of podcast411. Looking forward to hearing some new ones.

Wayne Henderson
over thirteen years ago

Rob, thanks for putting out this show (and pre-promoting it). This is exciting news about the Blackberry Podcasting service! I've already registered and submitted my podcasts. I wonder what their general turn-around will be here at the beginning.

Have a great day. Looking forward to the next Podcast411 and Tii podcasts!