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Privacy does really matter in Podcasting

Oct 13, 2019

(This article original was posted in Podcast Business Journal on June 6th 2019 - I am re-posting here so as to make on going updates on this topic)


There is no opt-in for podcast listeners when it comes to tracking.


Sorry Virginia there is no such thing as the perfect length for a podcast.

Apr 29, 2017

One of the first questions I get about podcasting and likely the most common question overall for this space is “What is the right length for a podcast?”   Sadly there are a bunch of at best “fake news” reports on this with bad info based I am guessing on assumptions and pulling data from their nether regions. ...

Thoughts on Podcast Movement 2016 and Podcast Hall of Fame

Jul 13, 2016

Let me start by saying KUDOS to the Podcast Movement Team (Dan, Gary, Jared, Mitch and all the Yellow Shirts).

Podcast Movement 2016 was the best podcasting event I have been to and I have pretty much been to them all. It had a great mix of indie podcasters, business podcasters, Radio Podcasters - both as attendees...

Hey Podcasters What’s in your Wallet?

Jun 26, 2016

At NAB/NMX in 2015 in Las Vegas last year I was walking over to the Las Vegas convention center Sunday morning with Gary Leland.  I had my big suitcase full of stuff for the libsyn booth - it was definitely over packed.  In the suitcase were a couple of boxes of flyers, a bunch of t-shirts, a big bag of chocolate, The...

The Pod 11 - The most influential Entities in Podcasting

Jun 16, 2016


This list is in response to this other list - The Pod 22 the Most influential people in NY City Pro Podcasting 


Rather than look at individuals - I wanted to look at the teams and entities that are really the most influential in ALL of podcasting - not the very small niche that is NY City Pro Podcasting.


The list...