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Podcast Apps that Support Video Podcasts

Oct 6, 2020

I get asked often about Video podcasts and if someone should do a video podcast to go with their audio podcast or in place of it.  Some think Video is the next big thing in Podcasting.  Actually Audio was the next big thing in Podcasting.  Back when podcasting started many of the most popular podcasts were Video...

Aug 1, 2005

411 iTem 70 - Andrew from the Exit 50 Podcast


Show Notes / Links:
Test Results

4th25 - Sgt. Saunders

Catholic Insider
Daily Source Code
Dawn and Drew
Hawaii Up
New 80's Music with Dan Klass
Small World
Triple J Hack
Verge of the Fringe

Guests Equipment Set-up


Oct 5, 2004

Two check marks on my 13 year old selfs bucket list.  Become a Jedi and Marry Princess Leia.