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Thoughts on Podcast Movement 2016 and Podcast Hall of Fame

Jul 13, 2016

Let me start by saying KUDOS to the Podcast Movement Team (Dan, Gary, Jared, Mitch and all the Yellow Shirts).

Podcast Movement 2016 was the best podcasting event I have been to and I have pretty much been to them all. It had a great mix of indie podcasters, business podcasters, Radio Podcasters - both as attendees and speakers.

It also had the talks and the place to hang out physically together - that was really key to the success.

We had 4 people at the Libsyn booth and we were slammed the entire time. PM14 and PM15 were good - PM16 was GREAT!!!. Even my wife commented on how well it was run.

Again Kudos to everyone involved with putting on PM16. I can’t wait for August 2017 for the next Podcast Movement.

Obviously for me - Wednesday night and the Podcast Hall of Fame induction will be something I will never forget and I was so glad to share the night with my wife. I am honored to go into the Hall of Fame and really love that I was able to go in with two of my good friends - Mignon Fogarty (AKA Grammar Girl) and Gary Leland (AKA Podcast Pickle) - See picture.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame one thing I am really proud of is everyone one in the hall of fame has been a guest on (or host of) podCast411. I even went through and found all the interviews I still had live and below is a playlist player that has all the interviews I did with Hall of Fame members and only those interviews.

(Note - My interview with Todd Cochrane - ep 22 was pulled a long time ago for audio quality reasons along with my other first 30 eps - I will try and find Todd’s interview and get it cleaned up and reposted).

I hope you take some time to listen to those 12 interviews below - it will really show you how podcasting has changed over the years. It has been an incredible 12 year run and the Induction into the Hall of Fame is something I really cherish - thanks to all in the academy that selected me for this great honor.

Thursday and Friday at Podcast Movement were incredibly slammed for us at the Libsyn booth. Thanks to all that came by and dropped off their business cards - seems quite a few of you had something good in your wallet.

At one point I counted over 180 different podcasters cards on the table. Many of the shows cards were completely wiped out. So many people looking for shows to listen to and interview. We also gave out a couple hundred plus t-shirts to libsyn customers - this years color was a nice deep Red.

There were so many Red shirts on Friday it looked like an episode of Star Trek that was not going to end well for the extras.

It was great hanging out with fellow libsyner’s - Elsie, Krystal and Dave. Libsyn is a company where some of us work remotely - and these events are often the only times we get to meet face to face. Amazingly - even with 4 people at the booth - most of the time - we still were too busy to handle all the traffic.

Even when sessions were going on we were still slammed. I guess it really helps when you roll out great new features (destination stats, publish audio to youtube) the week before and announce a big partnership with iHeartRadio the first day of the conference.

Great Job to our dev team for really making our message an easy one at the conference.

The one thing that was sad was I did not get out to any of the sessions - per above we were slammed. The only two I went to - I was speaking in. My - Yes All the marketing advice for your podcast is BS session was really well received. And I think I am starting to see a swing in the pendulum.

Previously it had all been about monetizing your podcast - but when I started that session saying it is ok not to monetize - it was very well received. I had quite a few people come up to me afterwards thanking me for saying that.

Seems there are more and more podcasters that well just want to podcast. I think some people are tired of having the “monetize your podcast” mantra shoved down their throat 24 / 7 / 365 - some podcasters (many podcasters) really are GASP doing this for a hobby and personally I can’t think of a better hobby. It will be interesting over the next 13 months to see if this is a trend or a blip.

Now go and listen to some old episodes of Podcast411 and see what those in the Hall of Fame have for you for advice on podcasting.